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A2o Foodservice Design & Consulting, inc. is a Beyond Green Design firm. We are dedicated to taking it to the next level. Our Senior Designer completed his LEED AP in 2009. We are proud to be a leader in the Foodservice Industry by implementing LEED design practices and actively researching technology that will enable water, energy  and environmental  conservation to be applied to foodservice facilities and operations.

Our philosophy  is to design a foodservice system in a resilient and sustainable manner by the selection of  equipment that has the technology to reduce significant waste that a  commercial  kitchen is known for. This is accomplished by looking at the whole system. Understanding the engineering of ventilation, electric, gas and  water resource usage, life-cycle costs of equipment, how waste is disposed of, equipment efficiency, encouraging  sustainable facility practices, creating an  efficient and effective work space and so much more!


From Farm to Table to Farm

Construction Administration & Project Management

· LEED Design & Consultation
· Area Requirements
· Schematic Planning
· Preliminary Cost Budgets
· Utility Load Requirements
· Existing Equipment Survey
· Spatial Relationships
· Needs Analysis
· Facility Assessment
· Master Planning
· Program Review, Development &   Planning


industry best practices

Commercial Kitchens are an incredible opportunity to be sustainable in the full spectrum sense from environmental responsibility to financial sustainability. This is a philosophical “farm to table to farm” concept that we apply to the entire design and specification process.

  • In a typical, traditional foodservice facility the food prep, water heating , refrigeration and ventilation can account for more than 60% of the utilities used in the entire facility. This is particularly true in hotels with significant banquet operations. We can dramatically improve this without breaking the bank, sometimes with little or no additional cost.
  • A2O will offer creative, cost effective solutions to reduce, redirect and down-cycle food waste which is a often overlooked opportunity.
  •  Optimizing labor efficiency by proper, more modern space planning that takes into consideration new higher production equipment, proper work flows, ergonomically sound design that can promote higher employee and guest satisfaction.
  • Assisting our clients in planning for future utility cost and impending environmental issues such as global fresh water shortages projected by the World Health Organization and many other respected agencies. Today water is cheap in the desert southwest, however the predictions for the near future paint a very different future unless we start to solve the problem now, not when it is too late. Fresh water shortage will affect every aspect of our lives, from food to energy to health.


Planning/ Program Development

· Equipment Layouts
· CAD & BIM Design
· Dimensioned MPE Rough-ins Drawings
· Ventilation & Refrigeration Requirements
· Custom Fabricated Equipment Details
· General Contract Conditions
· Equipment Specification & Details
· Itemized Equipment Schedules


A2O Foodservice Design & Consulting, Inc.

Beyond Green Design

Construction Documents

We specialize in foodservice  design, consulting and project management for  Owners,  Architects and  Contractors from the initial  design concept through project  completion. We provide comprehensive services to our customers for new build  and existing facilities.  A2O will provide diverse experience and Foodservice Induustry knowledge for each project.


· Health Code Reviews

· Special Construction Details
· Coordination with other Consultants
· Shop Drawing Review
· Equipment Submittals Review
· Installation Inspection/Acceptance
· Existing Equipment Inventory
· Contract Document Preparation
· Bid Solicitation & Evaluations
· Contract Award Recommendations
· On-Site Project  Management
· Equipment Contractor Supervision
· Field / Site Coordination Work